QuTi Mobile Application

The mobile application specifically targets mobile devices. It minimalizes network traffic, has a user interface that is specially designed for small screens and takes into account the different types/models of mobile devices, and requires less computing power. Its functionality largely coincides with that of the QuTi Web application, yet the information is presented in a more consise way. Below, you see a screenshot of the QuTi mobile application.

QuTi mobile application: screenshot

You can download the mobile application here. To run the application, your mobile device needs to support the Java Virtual Machine. Copy the two files to your mobile phone (e.g., using a USB cable or Bluetooth). Depending on your phone, these files will either be stored in your message inbox or under a certain (file)folder on your phone. Subsequently, select the .JAD file to start installation of the application.


Project performed in the context of iBrussels, a research project on Wi-Fi Architecture and financed by the Brussels Capital-Region and supervised by CIBG.

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